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Frequently Asked Questions



Q.)  What number can I call to ask questions about a particular type of photography?


A.)  For questions regarding any of our areas of photography you may

      call (951) 898-8895.




Q.) What time should my player arrive for picture day?


A.) We recommend arriving 15 +min. before their scheduled time to meet with team.




Q.)  Are there order forms?


A.)  In 2021, we have moved to a no-order form system. Players will receive an access code to view images in their own private gallery. Parents will be able to view images and purchase online after picture day.



Q.)  Why are parents not allowed in the immediate area where the pictures are taken on sports picture day?


A.)  A couple of reasons, 1) We have a responsibility to the communities we photograph to ensure the privacy and safety of all the players on picture day. 2) Players can become distracted looking at parents instead of the photographer. 3) Insurance Policy only allows staff, players, and league officials in photography area.


(951) 898-8895

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